Welcome to Planning Law Tea Break

Welcome to Planning Law Tea Break, a series of short videos by Heather Sargent of Landmark Chambers offering insight on planning, environmental and compulsory purchase law.

As the name suggests, the intention behind the videos is that they’re the right length to accompany a cup of tea (or coffee – or something stronger!).

To tune in, please click the “Videos” tab above (or you can watch directly on the “Planning Law Tea Break” channel on YouTube).

Here’s a quick guide to each episode:

Episode 1 (10 April 2020): an introduction to Planning Law Tea Break; discussion of Gladman v SSHCLG on the application of the tilted balance in the NPPF.

Episode 2 (10 April 2020): DCO applications – discussion of Sawkill v Highways England on powers to enter land to undertake surveys.

Episode 3 (10 April 2020): compulsory purchase – discussion of the Upper Tribunal decision in SST v Curzon Park Ltd on certificates of appropriate alternative development.

Episode 4 (10 April 2020): consistency in decision-making – discussion of recent High Court and Court of Appeal decisions.

Episode 5 (20 April 2020): how to get to the “tilted balance”? Discussion of the Wavendon Properties, Paul Newman New Homes, Eastleigh BC and Monkhill cases.

Episode 6 (3 May 2020): Green Belt – discussion of R (oao Samuel Smith Old Brewery) v North Yorks CC on openness and of Compton PC v Guildford BC on exceptional circumstances.

Episode 7 (23 May 2020): Dill v SSHCLG on listed buildings; Mayor of London v SSHCLG on departures from statements of common ground; Packham v SST on bringing judicial review claims “promptly”.

Episode 8 (24 June 2020): DCOs & national policy statements: discussion of R (oao ClientEarth) v SSBEIS, a judicial review challenge to the decision to grant a DCO for proposed development at Drax Power Station.

Episode 9 (27 August 2020): Use Classes Order – discussion of the forthcoming changes from a retail perspective.